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A Plumbline in the Wind

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A Plumbline in the Wind Near Lauder, Scotland: Sheep on a hillside

The McCain-Palin ticket

29 August 2008 · No Comments

Senator McCain’s picking Governor Palin for Vice President surprised some people. What surprised me was that he would actually do it, not that it would be a good idea. A couple of months ago I saw a column on line (I forget by whom, but linked to Real Clear Politics) advocating her for the ticket, and I’ve been rooting for her ever since. Besides the many reasons cited by, among others, Cacciaguida, I can add a couple more:

  • She is governor of the only state that shares a border with Russia.
  • The Republicans now have a completely lawyer-free ticket.

  • Not that there’s anything wrong with lawyers per se, but it’s interesting that the all the Democratic candidates for President and Vice President since 1984 have been lawyers (or, in the case of Al Gore, whose only real career has been in politics, a former law student). On the Republican side, the only lawyers in that period have been Dan Quayle and Bob Dole. Not only Senators Obama and Biden, but Senators Clinton and Edwards–all lawyers. What does that tell us?

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