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A Plumbline in the Wind

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Some predictions

7 November 2008 · No Comments

So, the election has been held, and Mr. Obama is President-elect (well, technically not until the electors have voted next month, but I have been enjoined not to be technical). For whatever reason, in some cases deceived by “an engine called the Press,” the American people have made what I would call a very bad decision. I will now venture a few predictions. I will confess to being a pessimist, so if you want you can argue with me. I will class my predictions under three headings: moral and religious (the most important), foreign affairs, and domestic affairs.

Moral and religious
About the only bright spot of this election was the success of referenda maintaining the definition of marriage as a relation between a man and a woman, especially in California. The protest against this exercise of democracy has begun, focusing, cleverly enough, on the Mormons. Already the cases are in court. Aided by judges appointed by President Obama, and espousing the judicial philosophy he has promised to impose on the country, the democratic process will be overturned for the whole country. Another promise President Obama will keep is to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, overturning the democratic choices of many Americans and removing all restrictions on abortion. Further acts will follow, denying the right of doctors, hospitals, and social agencies to refuse to perform or refer for abortion. Once marriage has been redefined, it will likewise be impossible for any agency to refuse to place children with same-sex couples (as has already happened in Massachusetts). Schools will be forced to teach the acceptability of homosexuality: not just public schools, but private ones and even home-school programs. Pregnancy counseling centers will be required to refer for abortions. These blatant violations of freedom of speech will be upheld by the Obama courts and defended in the press. Look for more and more movies glorifying homosexuality and painting Christians as fools and bigots.

Catholic hospitals, schools, and social service agencies will have to close. Massachusetts has already set the precedent. Hate-crime laws will be used to silence bishops, priests, and Catholic publications that dare to teach Church doctrine. Lawsuits alleging discrimination will attempt to force bishops to ordain women. The cost will first be tax exemptions; perhaps some bishop will cave, go through a form of ordination, and be excommunicated. A contest will arise for the Church’s property, which will be decided in favor of the politically correct faction. A schism will follow, with the “American Catholic Church” (like the Patriotic Catholic Church in China) enjoying the rights to property, tax advantages, and freedom to operate denied to orthodox Catholics. Loyalty to the Church will lead to government-sanctioned discrimination, confiscatory taxation, and imprisonment. Those who dare to face such things will be a small minority.

Foreign affairs
A few well-placed bombs in Iraq will lead to calls for immediate withdrawal, since obviously the Bush administration policy has failed. President Obama will pull out all American troops. Seeing that they now have no support, the Sunni leaders who were won over will turn on the Iraqi government and support Al-Qaeda. Iraq will dissolve into chaos, in which the jihadists will seize control of the government. The Bush administration will be blamed.

President Obama will negotiate a deal with the Taliban to allow the multinational force to withdraw from Afghanistan and leave a government of national unity. The Taliban will have absolute power in a month. The Bush administration will be blamed.

President Obama will meet with the leaders of Iran, who will assure him that they are peaceful and not threatening anyone. Sanctions will be lifted. Iran will test a nuclear bomb. The United Nations will pass an ineffectual resolution. The Bush administration will be blamed.

President Obama, under pressure from Russia, will withdraw from agreement to place missile defenses in Eastern Europe. Pro-Russian governments will take control in Ukraine and Georgia. The Bush administration will be blamed.

Hezbollah will take control of Lebanon and declare it an Islamic state. In order to preserve their power, the governments of Jordan and Egypt will crack down on dissent, and to appease the Islamists, abrogate their treaties with Israel. Faced with a united front on all sides, stretching from the Mediterranean to the Hindu Kush and armed with Iranian nuclear weapons, Israel will launch a preemptive strike on Tehran. President Obama will call for restraint on all sides, and the United Nations will condemn Israeli aggression. Total war will engulf the Middle East. The price of oil will rise to unheard-of levels. The Bush administration will be blamed.

Venezuela will cut off sales of oil to the United States, but will offer to resume them if the embargo on Cuba is lifted and the United States ceases to support the elected government of Colombia. Faced with gasoline at $10 a gallon, President Obama will give in. FARC takes over Colombia, and similar governments take power in Mexico and other Latin American countries. The Bush administration will be blamed.

Domestic affairs
President Obama’s tax measures, made more radical by the Democrats in Congress, will deepen the recession. Carbon taxes will shut down American utilities, leading to electrical brownouts, and American industries, creating a depression. China will produce goods for the American market, to the extent that the unemployed masses of America can buy them. The Bush administration will be blamed.

The “Fairness Doctrine” will be reinstated, forcing conservative commentators to provide rebuttals, but not questioning the received orthodoxy, in particular the fault of the “failed policies of the Bush administration” for all the problems that have come upon the country and the world. Opposition to same-sex marriage or abortion will be banned as hate speech. Candidates who advocate these positions will not be allowed to run for office.

With their total control of the media, the president’s supporters will offer as the only solution to the problems facing the country yet more radical social control. Resistance will be branded the attempt of troublemakers to breed hatred. Nominal elections will be held, but without opposition. The 22nd Amendment will be repealed, allowing President Obama to serve indefinitely.

Now I’ve said my piece, so maybe I can turn to some subject other than politics. Aren’t you relieved?

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