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A Plumbline in the Wind

The world is going to the dogs, but I refuse to learn to bark

Psalm 119:93 I will never forget thy precepts; for by them thou hast given me life.

A Plumbline in the Wind Keukenhof, Netherlands: Field of hyacinths


Before there was blogging, I used to write little articles from time to time. Some of these were written for publications, and, indeed, got published. Others were only published on the web, and reached only a small audience. I have also attempted to write stories, and even, at one time, poetry. Finally, I once was a historian, and produced a few conference papers and even a Ph.D. dissertation.

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Published Work

The Sacraments: A series of columns for the National Catholic Register
The Virtues: Another series for the National Catholic Register
Celibacy: An article commissioned by Our Sunday Visitor about 1985
Ann Arbor News columns: Two opinion pieces written in 1998 in connection with a controversy over a redistricting plan in the Ann Arbor Public Schools.


The Peace of Armandike: An unfinished story in the heroic mode
The Jewel: A pseudo-Arthurian romance. Like “Armandike,” it was written in the early 1980s. A friend told me she had had a dream about a girl who had a jewel, so I wrote this story for her. She told me it was nothing like her dream.
Romeo in Joliet: This is a true story describing an incident that took place in October 1986 on a train from St. Louis to Chicago.

Reflections and Opinion

These are the kind of things I would have put up on my blog if I had had one. The first was written in 1984 when I was teaching at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. It may have been published in the National Catholic Register; I don’t remember.
A Famine in the Land
The Death of Missy the Hamster
Sex Scandals in the Church or, Priests Who Like Boys
In Defense of Hypocrites
God and Evolution
The Moral Imperative
One Nation without God
Being a Failure
The Worst Thing I Have Ever Done
The Body in New Testament Teaching: A study I wrote during Holy Week 1981, not to be confused with the Theology of the Body that Pope John Paul II of blessed memory was delivering about the same time.
Encomium Henrici: A brief examination of the reign of King Henry IX: What if Henry VIII had had a son?


Scholarly Writing

This is my academic website, where you can read my dissertation, some conference papers, and a set of notes for Western Civilization survey courses.

My Yesteryears

An account by my great-aunt, Louise Alma Dieterich Sinning, of her childhood and youth in the German community of Dubuque, Iowa, between 1887 and 1912.