The Castle, then and now

From 1955 to 1964, we lived in a house we referred to as “the Castle” because of its unusual round towers.  This picture shows what it looked like in 1955 when we moved in:

The lot, which is now about half an acre, was larger before 1955. The former owner, Mr. Curtis, split the lot in half and built a new split-level house on one half, selling the other half, with the Castle, to us. We sold the house in 1964 to a family by the name of Carter. I believe the price at that time was around $30,000. Now (2007) the house has been on the market for about two years; the current offering price is $1,195,000. This is the house as it appears now (taken from the realtor’s listing):

Even though we lived there less than 9 years, and it is over 40 years since we sold it and moved out, the Castle still occupies a large place in my family’s lore. When, after several moves my parents returned to Winchester in 1983, they bought the house that Mr. Curtis built next door to the Castle. So whenever I visit my father now, I can look out the window at my childhood home.

When we lived in the Castle, we learned bits and pieces of its history, some of them accurate, some otherwise. The house was still known as “the old Whitaker house” after a family that had lived there before the Curtis family. Now, with the house on the market, a preservation consultant has actually written some of this down. Here is his account of the house, which he calls “Cabot House”:

The Cabot House

There are even more pictures in the realtor’s listing:

Patricia Sweeney's listing

The house has been on the market for a long time, and it might be sold, but if you have a spare million and would like to buy it, check with the realtor.